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Online Currency

Welcome, the once sleeping giant, “Online Currency” has found its way into our homes around the world thanks to home computers. We invite you to accompany us on a technological journey as we step far outside the circle of our planet in effort to understand the phenomenon which is circling the earth at warp speeds powered by home computers, smart phones, ipads and now phablets. You may ask what specifically I am trying to say? Well, simply said our traditional currency as we once knew it is secretly changing as we speak.  With the Cryptic Bitcoin seemingly being at the forefront we have seen amazing strides toward this unknown internet movement as it relates to currency.  Online currency is alive and well and is growing at such a great magnitude government officials have no idea where to begin to even identify what is happening before their very eyes.

Online currency is an electronically created and stored medium of exchange.   Some currencies, like the Bitcoin can be used as money for the purchase of goods and services.  The value of the currency is largely based on speculative trading but the regulatory aspect is on the rise . We mention the Bitcoin here because it’s origin is derived from the use of the home computer.  As a result this online currency or any other cryptic currency is unrelated to any national government.  Traditional online currencies had prices that were pegged to gold, silver or bullion.  New cryptic currency and or online currency have a floating exchange rate similar to government fiat.

Online currency is much different than virtual currency,  in where you would have to pay money for some product or service.  What we are experiencing here is an underground movement or better termed online experience we have never encountered in the past.  Take a good look at this video and you can better decide what you think is really happening here.  Ocurrency.com is a firm believer in the block chain and will see “CrypticChain.com” as taking over the world currency chain. We shall see in our lifetimes the unfolding of online currency before our very eyes.



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