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Coins Donation Deposit Address Balance
Bitcoin         BTC 1Az6Y88z3abVdiH8QymwW3G4wWabtvZQbo 0.08640316
Litecoin     LTC LVNtWu982P7FNp1qX3rQEp9sg4ebe8TW9J 0.00000000
Worldcoin WDC WU8EQCwdyCSbFmFf4bMC9m9XuDzMG5R5Td 250.17000002
Megacoin MEC MHfTet4qu4UYHaCSDhgLS27VvHcoW137D5 0.00000000
ProtoShares PTS PjEQufk7aP8ssw8nWT5BZvo6RabkXHcZ7c 0.00000000
Dogecoin DOGE DKuVVyTqnAbz9snsDBdAd3tv6CBS87mvsC 0.00000000
Peercoin PPC PKjJUbzxfVNHz28QC7Mx15NC1N9ktKCv4D 0.00000000
Primecoin XPM AJiaVTchuiYLE3chtgnQN9tcNRdMBQ4d6y 0.00000000
Quarkcoin QRK QUAjTvBHrpWcq3u3Jp7sCGVS755TXXvkg6 0.00000000
Nextcoin NXT 14734520502038476657 0.00000000

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